lördag 30 april 2011

At last, spring is here and it´s getting warm. I spend most of my spare time outside so there has not been to much time for my café. But this evening I painted the first coat of paint on the facade. And the door I painted in black.

lördag 23 april 2011

Happy Easter

Easter bunny has been here and the hunt for easter eggs are over!

måndag 18 april 2011

A microwave oven....

....is necessary in the café so that customers can be served warm cupcakes, yummy. I bought the microwave and the two cute paintings from Minimi´s smått och sånt.

söndag 10 april 2011

These lovely things I bought at Blondie Creations. I will use the baking tins and the big cutlerys in the Café.

torsdag 7 april 2011

Floor and wallpaper

I decided to write in English on the blog so it becomes easier for you all outside Sweden to follow . This is the café I´m working on, the floor has been painted white and a wallpaper that looks like bricks is up.

tisdag 5 april 2011


.....Elis, Evarh, Angeles, Marit, Jody, Rita Lainie och Mona. Jag hoppas att Ni ska trivas här.


Entrédörren till cafét har anlänt. Har inte bestämt om den ska vara svart eller vit än, får fundera en stund till.

Har även köpt lite miniatyrer till servering. Dom får vänta ett tag till innan dom ska fyllas med godsaker.