måndag 6 augusti 2012

My sweet little daughter helped me to paint the window frames today. They are for the Café.

This shelf will be placed in the pentry (see below). I put some Tacky wax under each item, so they remain on the shelf. Of course this is how the swedish items looks like, it´s flour, sifted rye flour, sugar, salt, coffee (from my hometown) and some more things.

Well of course there must be some candy, cookies and bread for the customer when they visit the Café.

söndag 5 augusti 2012


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söndag 5 februari 2012

Miniature Fair Stockholm 2011

Hi everybody, I´m back and it feels so good. Don´t know what happened but suddenly I didn´t have time for my miniatures. But one thing that I did not miss was the miniature fair in Stockholm in October 2011. Of course I found a lot of things to buy from some of the fantastic miniature enthusiasts here in Sweden.
Some of this I bought from Minimismått&sånt and some of it from what name I don´t remember (sorry).  
So lovely macarones from Marias Miniatyrer, they reminds me of my visit in Paris .

Those lovely things I bought from Miniatyrmama. I will put all of it in my Café.
PiaMarias food look so real. Here is some blueberry cream and semlor. I think semlor is Swedish, they are filled with cream and almond paste, so yummy.